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Hi! I'm Dag-Inge.

ISFiT IT 2015 working with JavaScript at my

This weekend I held a workshop about JavaScript for a very talented group of students in the IT department of ISFiT. ISFiT is a student festival, biennially inviting 500 students from over 100 countries to Trondheim, Norway for 11 days. Each festival has a theme, and this festival’s theme is “Corruption”.

The workshop lasted a little bit under 6 hours, with a short pizza break in the middle, sponsored by my employer, Telenor Digital.

The workshop takes you from a basic understanding of the JavaScript language, based on the excellent Introduction to JavaScript on MDN, to working with the DOM and finally a short sneak peek into AngularJS.

Slides are as always available, although without speaker notes this time. Interestingly, the slides now feature the same design as I use on this blog.

If you, are any organization you know, wants to have a similar workshop, don’t hesitate to contact me.